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cheats for farmville 2 valentines chocolates

Thursday, 28 August 2014

farmville 2 valentines chocolates – farmville 2 cheats

Yesterday farmville 2 has released farmville 2 valentines chocolates. You are presented with a chocolate box and you need to taste chocolates for mystery gift and a cute farmville 2 animal as final reward. Unfortunately these farmville 2 valentines chocolates are not for free. The first taste of chocolate is free and thereafter one must pay farmville 2 bucks to buy tickets. With each ticket you can taste one farmville 2 valentines chocolate. The rewards include premium decorations and trees like redbud tree and sweetheart cottage. Other common rewards are farmville 2 baby bottles, power and water.
Unfortunately cost of each ticket to taste farmville 2 valentines chocolates is way too high. 1 ticket costs 10 farmville 2 cash. Not only this the consumables like 15 farmville 2 baby bottles which otherwise in generals store costs  just 13 farmville 2 cash is costing 40 farmville 2 bucks. Overheard couple of farmville 2 players saying farmville 2 valentines chocolates should have released on 1 April and not on 14 February. Taste chocolates to discover valuable mystery gifts in farmville 2 valentines chocolates.

farmville 2 valentines chocolates – farmville 2 cheats

Well the good news is, here we are bringing farmville 2 cheats to collect tickets for farmville 2 valentines chocolates.  So cheer up and use following farmville 2 cheats and taste as many chocolates as you wish because in farmville 2 valentines chocolates you can redeem the awards as may time as you wish. But before that I think many of our fellow players will need golden sweet apple tree so here is cheat code for it.

cheats for farmville 2 valentines chocolates

Farmville 2 cheats for golden sweet apple tree
farmville 2 cheats
Scan for: e_deco_animated_flag_expansion (Horsewilds Flag)
Change to: e_tree_fruit_apple_goldensweet

To collect tickets, first you must first change this tree to heirloom tree using pruning shears. Now use following cheat codes to collect tickets for farmville 2 valentines chocolates
Scan for: e_rare_tree_apple_goldensweet_heirloom
change to: e_rare_mysteryminigame_token_valentine
You need 25 tickets to taste all chocolates but here is a catch, do not redeem tickets until you collect all 25 tickets or you will not be able to collect tickets and game will start crashing. But if this occurs use following farmville 2 cheats to collect rest of valentines tickets.
Scan for: e_rare_crafted_cupcake_orange_heirloom
Change to: e_rare_mysteryminigame_token_valentine

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Farmville 2 Cheats : Buy Anything With Coins Including Farmbucks Items

Sunday, 24 August 2014


   All these cheats requires some basic knowledge and understanding about cheat engine, If you   are not a tech savvy gamer who understand how cheat engine works and how basic game messaging works then please do not try these instructions and don’t be sad as we will be posting more user friendly free cheats and hacks soon for every body to use so that all our users can dominate the game without being ever scammed again. No survey to fill and no paid string attached to our free hacks and cheat list.Don’t forget to like our facebook page on top right hand corner to keep getting latest updates.
We have collected the best possible Farmville 2 cheats from all over the internet for you guys which you can hack using free cheat engine. Before started using any of these cheats guides below, first download free cheat engine from this URL Basicall cheat engine will help you to see game messaging in real time which you can modify to make these farmville 2 cheats works
Here is the list of cheats which you can get using free cheat engine..Enjoy:)

Hack to obtain FarmVille 2 Free ChainSaw using cheat engine

  1. Open FarmVille 2 & Cheat Engine
  2. Buy “stone gate” (rock arch) then put on your farm
  3. Scan with Cheat Engine “e_deco_arch_rock” and change “e_viral_chainsaw”
  4. And enter the “stone gate” (rock arch) into iventory.
  5. Wait a few moments, then reload your FarmVille 2
  6. Open your FarmVille 2 then check inventory

Hack to obtain FarmVille 2 free Building Materials and Quest Items Using Cheat Engine

Note: In this example we are trying to get the “Pumpkin Bag”
  1. Open Cheat Engine
  2. Buy Shrub Round in Decoration
  3. In Cheat Engine Change Value Type : Text/String
  4. Scan “e_deco_shrub_round” change with “e_viral_pumpkinbag”
  5. Move all the shrub round to inventory .. wait for a minute then refresh
    Viola you’ve got it.

Here is Example for for halloween candy

  1. Open FarmVille 2
    Plant strawberry
    Open Cheat Engine 6.
    And search : e_rare_crop_strawberry Change to : e_rare_halloween_candy
    go to Game ..make speed grow strawberry ready to harvest…
    You got halloween candy if u harvest strawberry.

Some More FarmVille 2 Game Messaging Codes for Materials and Quest Items with few Hints to create your own hacks and cheats

  1. e_resource_bottle_pack_10
If you are Looking for any additional cheat codes find them here
 Free FarmVille 2 Baby Bottle Hack

*requires cheat engine 6.1, firefox and Zero farm bucks

  1. Open Firefox then start Farmville 2
  2. Open Cheat Engine 6.1
  3. Go to Cheat Engine search for FlashPlayerPlugin_xx_x_xxx_xxx.exe
  4. Change VALUE TYPE ”4 Bytes” to ”Text”
  5. On Farmville 2 Open up the shop and go to where the baby bottles are (Should be in the ‘Consumables’ tab)
  6. Scan for ”coins” and  Select all coins text
  7. Change the value of ”coins” into ”farm bucks”
  8. Buy all 3 packs till it say you reach 100!

FarmVille 2 Hack For Silo and Water Well

  1. buy the shrub round under decoration worth 25
  2. put as many as you want in farm
  3. open Cheat Engine and scan “e_deco_shrub_round”
  4. drag all the result down and change it to e_building_well_l1 for well and e_building_silo_l1 for silo
  5. now go back to farm and store all the shrub
  6. refresh and look into your inventory they are now sitting pretty over there.

FarmVille 2 Hack For Water Bar Bonus

  1. Buy hay wagon in market and place it on farm
  2. Open Cheat Engine Scan for 2250 under 4bytes
  3. Drag all the result down and change it to 1M or 2M (2000000)
  4. Now in Cheat Engine again set the value to string or text and type coins and make another scan
  5. Drag all the result down and change coins to water
  6. Go back to farm and sell your hay wagon
  7. Your now big time with water

FarmVille 2 Hack to get Unlimited Silo

  1. Open Fv2 full load
    if u don’t have Buy orange Tree 1 or 2 .. and give it water
  2. Open Cheat Engine 6.2 (CE)
  3. Change value type to string
  4. type text in value to = e_tree_fruit_orange
    change to = e_building_silo_l11
  5. back to ur farm.( ur Game).and buy Orange Tree
    try to place…. if Not place… refesh game ..see what u get it

FarmVille 2 Hack : Buy Anything with Coins Including Items which you can buy with FarmBucks

  1. First open Cheat Engine, for the Value Type chose Array of Byte. Now scan for 40 42 0F 00 40 42 0F 00 00 00 00 00 , after this select all the addresses using red arrow now drop them down select all and right click on those highlighted addresses and from menu change record type and change length to 16 you will see 4 new bytes added to the string: 40 42 0F 00 40 42 0F 00 00 00 00 00 XX XX XX XX (where XX is your own result)
  2. Now do a new scan 36 00 00 00 36 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 and repeat the same operation you did in the step 1 , you will get 36 00 00 00 36 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 YY YY YY YY (if you get many similar values then select 3 or 4 )
  3. Now take 4 bytes YY YY YY YY you have got at step 2 and start a new scan
    and then change the value from YY YY YY YY to XX XX XX XX

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farmville 2 favours: farmville 2 cheat

Saturday, 12 July 2014

free farmville 2 favours: farmville 2 cheat
Hey Mates, since it is time to upgrade your farm to increase productivity, you need farmville 2 favours to accomplish this. If you are level 25 or higher, you can fulfil orders of local town folks to earn farmville 2 favours. You can spend these favours to upgrade your fields and other upgrades. Upgraded fields will produce more crops and save spaces. Currently you can upgrade fields, groves, Dairy Trough, Windmill, Water Tower and Barn.
One way to collect free farmville 2 favours is by completing the orders in your new market stand . With this you can earn up to 100 free farmville 2 favours in a week. You can also share some free farmville 2 favours whenever you found double favour! As the name implies, a double favour grant you two farmville 2 favours instead of one. Or you can also use our cheats to get these free farmville 2 favours.

Cheat for free farmville 2 favours.

 cheats for 5 farmville 2 favours

free farmville 2 favours: farmville 2 cheat
Scan for: e_deco_general_hedge_cube_qtsm1 (DecoLok Small Arc)
Change to: e_resource_upgradepoints_pack_5

Cheat code for 20 farmville 2 favours

free farmville 2 favours: farmville 2 cheat
Scan for: e_deco_animated_kite_flying_yellow (Sky Blossom Kite)
Change to: e_resource_upgradepoints_pack_20

cheats for 100 farmville 2 favours

free farmville 2 favours: farmville 2 cheat
Scan for: e_deco_animated_kite_flying_green (Verdant Breath Kite)
Change to: e_resource_upgradepoints_pack_100

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FarmVille 2 Cheats for Coins

Saturday, 12 July 2014

FarmVille 2 Cheats for Coins


Hey Mates,
Though earlier also, we have posted FarmVille 2 cheats with Video Tutorial to gain XP and coins in FarmVille 2. Still many players who are not very comfortable with FarmVille 2 cheats codes are looking for simpler FarmVille 2 cheats to earn coins in FarmVille 2. Moreover these FarmVille 2 cheat codes will allow players to keep their coins safe in their inventory and can be used whenever they wish for. Since FarmVille 2 has limitation of 8 million coins at a time, it is wiser to use these FarmVille 2 cheats. Idea is very simple; Buy HarvEstate Manor using FarmVille 2 Cheats which otherwise costs 1 million and move it in your inventory. Sell it whenever you need coins, as each HarvEsate Manor sells at 50000 Farm coins.
Use following FarmVille 2 cheats to buy HarvEstate Manor without spending single FarmVille 2 coins
FarmVille 2 Cheat Engine (Download from here, It is Free)
Following is the step by step procedure for FarmVille 2 cheats for XP and Coins:
  • Open FarmVille 2
  • Open Cheat Engine
  • Open Process and select plugin-container.exe if you are using Mozilla
  • Choose ‘value type’ to ‘4 bytes’
  • Scan for 1000000, select all and change value to 1.
  • Now go back to FarmVille 2 and buy as many HarvEstate Manor as you wish to store in your inventory.

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farmville 2 expansion : update for upcoming farmville 2 expansion

Saturday, 12 July 2014

farmville 2 expansion : update for upcoming farmville 2 expansion

farmville 2 expansion
Hey Mates, farmville 2 is ready to introducing new farmville 2 expansion. These upcoming expansions will follow theme of western wild. We presume these farmville 2 expansion will cost from 10,000,000 to 14,000,000 and will be available soon in farmville 2. Initially all farmville 2 expansion will be available for early access as it always happens. We are still trying to get details of all farmville 2 expansion which will be available to players very soon. As of now we know requirement of one upcoming farmville 2 expansion.

Requirement for new farmville 2 expansion

  • Craft 45 Pickeled eggs
  • Get 20 Prospecting Pans from your friends
  • Clear your land by collecting 13,000,000 farmville 2 coins.
Following are farmville 2 cheats for pickled eggs
farmville 2 expansion item requirement
Scan for: e_rare_crafted_scones_apple (Craft Apple Scone in kitchen)
Change to: e_rare_crafted_eggs_pickled
Farmville 2 cheats for prospecting pan
farmville 2 expansion
Scan for:  e_deco_saltlick_generic (Buy Salt lick from general store)
Change to: e_viral_prospecting_pan
Apart from this you also need 13,000,000 coins for this farmville 2 expansion, which we believe is too much to collect. But does not worry, if you know how to use farmville 2 cheat engine you can collect these farmville 2 coins in no time. Please go through the following posts to know how to collect farmville 2 coins instantly.

click here ------- >>

FarmVille 2 Cheats for Coins

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